Don't Panic / Photographs


I have a secret.  OK, if you’ve met me and spent any huge amount of time with me, you already know it:  I have OCD.  I don’t have a huge case or anything, I don’t need to be on a reality television show and I can leave the house and function with out any huge arrows pointing out the extra bit of freak in me.  It was becoming a problem, early last year, and that was the time I broke down and went to a psychiatrist.  I was twenty to thirty minutes late to work a day, due to insane little rituals and, as kindhearted as my boss can be, it was getting to be a bit much.  I had not realized how closed and constricted I made my days and, as those schedules became uprooted, so did my mental buoys.  So bad was my anxiety, I was misdiagnosed as bi-polar by my first doctor and was only correctly diagnosed and given the appropriate coaching and medication when I fired her and went to a new (older) one.

When it comes to shrinks, old school is the way to go, my friends.

I have gotten better with my little things, but one I cannot get away from is lists.  Lists or words, words, words…  I have notes for everything.  I keep track of things in lists on my phones, my computers, little notebooks, stray bits of paper, even the back of found photographs from tat shops.  I plan things to hell and have pages and pages of proof to back it up.  So, for this photo challenge, I give you a list.  One of many.

Shopping list for an upcoming surprise party I am helping a girlfriend plan.

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