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Want a Work Free Morning at Work?

Good Morning!

Does your office have a drama queen?  Is it semi likable but in need of a bit of a prod to justify you having to listen to her/him/it drone endlessly on about themselves, discuss work during lunch/smoke/wander breaks (where work should not exist), or just generally being far too loud too often?

If so I urge you to RUN, not walk (well click over) to Think Geek and check out this little item.

This charming little collection of computer bits is called the EvilTron and will guarantee you a morning FULL of entertainment.

My office Queen works Tuesday through Thursday and, therefore, presented ample opportunity to install this baby in a strange little area under her chair. It was left on the “random” setting and the office was locked up and we waited eagerly for Tuesday to arrive.

Not three minutes after the Queen’s arrival, the woman ran SHRIEKING from her office.  Between her hyperventilation, blindly accusing the hallway of staff, and shrieking about how she will get us all; we were greatly entertained.  We let it go on for about an hour and half, until she broke out her crocodile tears and we all decided that perhaps a bit of work should be done this Tuesday.  During that time, she accused us of installing speakers in the wall, downloading something on her computer, triggering something with our smart phones–basically everything but putting a tiny little toy somewhere near her.

When the gadget was revealed, she had to admit she had been bitten quite well by the three of us who did conspire.

I had also used it on my boss earlier the previous Friday.  He spent the day uninstalling phone apps, thinking one of the ones he had just downloaded was corrupt in some way.  I did take pity and reveal the truth just before he did a full factory reset.  No huge reaction from him; he didn’t want anyone to think he was nuts.  It was exceedingly late in the evening before he said anything to me about his phones “issue”.

This little toy rotates around every five minutes through five different creepy (depending on your definition) noises.  I HIGHLY recommend picking it up, even if you only want to add some weird ambiance to your own office.  The only annoying bit is the battery setting is sort of wonky and can sometimes settle too heavily and cause the thing to go off constantly.  For this reason, I store it with the battery removed.

Also, this is exceedingly easy to install in an office.  You really cannot believe the full number of areas you can find to slip this thing in.


(Just because everyone posts these sort of disclaimers, I might as well too.  I have received nothing but what I spent my own little dollars on from this company.  I just think this is cool and a necessary toy.  The price tag is not bad, even if you only use it a few times.)

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