Don't Panic

Life as I know it…currently.

Warning, first world problem ahead.

I have had a helluva time lately.  Work has gone long for weeks in a row and has played hell with my schedule.  For any one else, this may not be a horror show, but for me this is getting progressively harder to deal with.  I am a creature of habit and strict schedules.  I watch certain movies on certain days and if I cannot do something at the time I have set for it, then I cannot do it at all until the next “assigned” moment. 

This means that it has been weeks with no actual dinners, no workouts, nothing that generally is scheduled between 6:30 and 9.  I barely have time for a glass of wine and a quick cuddle with the family.

Like I said, first world issue.  I love my job, and am happy to be doing the work.  I am happy to HAVE a job; I’ve been on the Dole.  Blows terribly.  I have a lovely and healthy family and am lucky they still enjoy me being around.

I just feel stretched thin, and unsettled that I cannot do my little routines.  I will get over it, and I know that next month work will slow to a snail’s pace.  I will sit tight and see what develops.

Nothing else to do,  really.

2 thoughts on “Life as I know it…currently.

    • I have been on my current schedule for about two years, give or take. It has grown around the job I work and the lack of any real interaction with much outside of that and my house. Things that I have done and found enjoyable once (going to gym right at 6 pm, Sunday I watch one of these four movies, etc.) quickly become a THIS THING has to be done at THIS TIME otherwise we cannot do it at all.

      Setbacks do occur occasionally and then my world falls to horribly unmanageable and DRAMATIC pieces, until I develop a new routine. Then all is well until the next. I would be terribly easy to kidnap and kill, I am that regimented, LOL.

      It is a sort of mental block. >^-^<

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