Grace in Small Things

Grace in Small Things

Several months ago I decided I was not “OK”, as it were and decided to fix it.  Not put a psychological band aid on and ignore, but actually rip up some scars and fix what was underneath.  One of the worst hurdles I have had is the overwhelming feeling of nothing going well, correctly, or as I thought it would.  To help me fight that,  I have joined @Schmutzie with her “Grace in Small Things” movement.  I am putting a day aside each week to find the joy and grace in five little things.

It is harder than it sounds, for me at least!

1.  The weather is slowly changing, and even though it has brought it’s dreaded seasonal cold and allergy issues, I am slowly becoming excited and eager for the truly crisp fall days and nights.

2.  While I am still no great wonder at knitting, I am really getting a solid sense of satisfaction as the great ball of yarn slowly grows into a bit of cloth rather than one long strand.  It is comfort and a sort of proof that I can create useful things.

3.  I roasted a chicken and made some amazing stock from it’s carcass.  With the weather changing, soup will become a dinner staple and this will be an excellent foundation. 

4.  A friend of mine has his own herd of chickens, so I can now look forward to free range eggs from chickens I could go see if I wanted…rather than trusting a nameless label.  My family will probably never have a full organic diet (I see both the true positive benefits as well as the inconsistencies within the movement itself) but these eggs are a small thing that will provide for my family and a bit of income for my friend’s family as well occasionally. 

5.  This time last year, Specka had horrid fleas.  We have made it through another with no flea in sight.  I count this as a big win to be grateful for!

That was perhaps not the exact way to start this exercise, but I am calling it good.  Try to find the grace and joy in the week, the day, and the moment.  I was not, concentrating only on bitterness and failure.  I am giving up that past time as of now.

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