Tomato Poached Eggs and How to Cope

Have you been over to the Smitten Kitchen yet?  You really should.  The owner is Deb and her food is brilliant, her photography gorgeous, and her writing style is simply captivating.  I have such a crush.  An internet girl/kitchen crush.  She cooks these lovely items out of a tiny kitchen in NYC, NY and makes it look so damn easy.  I am so ashamed that I cannot seem to replicate her style in my (comparatively) huge kitchen in Independence, MO.  {She is writing a cookbook and you should totally buy it.}

I do a fairly good job replicating the food, even as I cry tears of shame about my kitchen though.

Today was simply hellish.  One of those days where you retell your troubles to your loved ones when you get home and, for some reason, it just does not seem as earth shattering as it did when it was all happening.  And that makes you feel dumb.  Small.  Unable to cope.  Sweating the small stuff to the point of distraction.

The only good thing was it happened before I ran off for lunch (mostly) and I was able to come back and prioritize it all a bit further.  Prioritize to the point where the final broken item of the day was not me, but a computer report.  I reported it to tech and walked away, dignity severely shaken yet mostly intact.

I still needed comfort at home.  And comfort is best from food made one of two ways: slow and low so your house fills with rich mouth watering scents OR quick and dirty with little effort yet big, BIG payoff.  Tonight was a quick and dirty sort of night and tomato poached eggs offered the biggest pay off from my current (getting a little bare) kitchen cabinets.

A simple tomato sauce gets whipped together while you putter about sauteing spinach or making a green salad (I stick to the recipe and do the spinach generally, but the salad is a lovely option).  Once you get to the egg step, I recommend slicing and toasting your bread (if you have a free clove of garlic, DO NOT SKIP THE RUBBING THE BREAD WITH GARLIC STEP! Moral imperative right there!) and generally getting everything to a point where you can plate your eggs and run off to chow as soon as humanly possible.

I generally go off recipe by using diced tomatoes for more texture in the sauce, smearing the bread LIBERALLY with goat cheese (the worse the day the more cheese–rule of life right there), and mounding the spinach half on/half off the toast so the egg and tomato drapes over it all.  I am all for the “big pile” theory of food.  A perfect forkful should have a little of everything on it.

Tomato Poached Eggs

Go make this.  Go make this now.  Or, put it on your to do list.  Also, please note that you can click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to find the recipe, the lovely blog, AND prettier pictures.

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