Don't Panic


I am working on finding my happiness. It is looking to be a very long road (as it generally is). My husband and and I have faced a lay off (mine), a firing (his), a loss of “freedom” as we were forced to cohabit MUCH sooner than either of us would have liked, and a bit of scary binge drinking episode lasting far too long (mine). We have come through it and are, currently, on pretty steady ground. Two new jobs, one new career path, and a brand new state have also helped test us as a couple and grow up together.

While Sacco (my husband) has been a stoic and constant source of support, I have crumbled a little. Mainly around the edges, nothing too structural yet. It is just recently, within the past year. that I have both recognized my issues and started to take steps to correct things. Simple changes, like getting up and moving again, for example. I have never been a fitness buff, and I never will be. I had just forgotten how much I enjoyed doing ANYTHING. Hiking, walking the dog, anything really. I have also rediscovered cooking.

When you have plump chicken breasts stuffed with ham and fresh cheese in the oven…

Stuffed Breasts of Hen

….and potatos with goat cheese, greek yogurt, and bacon waiting to be baked a second time…

Fluffy with Goaty Happiness

..It gets easier to find the happy.

It gets so much easier to see it peeking about the horizon.

It also tells you that, if you are going to take food pictures, you need a new bloody camera.  That cell phone is NOT cutting it.

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